Spellslinger: Camelot

level-4bBack in 2013 I developed a Magic: the Gathering set used to teach people how to play Magic (as seen here). There are four different difficulty levels to help ease a person into the complexity of the game.

I am now developing a new version that can be considered a standalone game with new card frames, a King Arthur theme, and some other unique elements. It can also be considered to be a new version of Spellslinger (originally developed from late 2013). Continue reading

What’s the Purpose of Fantasy Cards?

Playing cards were invented in China in the 800’s, and by the time they reached Eurworld tarot card Visconti-Sforzaope (in the 1300’s) they were pretty much the same as the 52-card deck of playing cards we use now.

Fantasy cards are cards that feature spells and imaginary creatures, such as dragons. The main purpose of these cards is generally game-oriented. The first fantasy cards were from the “Tarot deck,” which was originally used to play games in the 1400’s, but was eventually used to tell fortunes, which is why I will consider them to be “fantasy cards.” The Tarot deck is pretty much the same thing as a deck of regular playing cards with twenty two “trump” cards thrown in, each with a colorful illustration. Continue reading