My name is James Gray. I am working on various card games (using playing cards, Tarot decks, and original card collections. I finally found enough images in the “public domain” that makes it much more feasible for me to share my game ideas without worrying about violating copyright laws.

At one point I decided to write the History of Magical Cards. That gave me inspiration to speculate about what it would have been like if Magic: the Gathering was the latest development in a series of combat-oriented card games that had existed throughout history. I have many ideas about what those card games would be like, and I have already thought of a few of them, which have been playtested. All three of those card games are imagined to have existed in the Medieval Times (starting in 1393, shortly after Europe got playing cards). The first two games use regular playing cards and the third uses a tarot deck. Something like a “collectable card game” imagined to exist in the Medieval Times and Renaissance has also been developed.

However, there’s a lot of other fun ideas I have that could be posted at some point. This website is not devoted to any one game.

Some games I made before this website was made

Some games found on this website


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