Myths & Magic Card Game

I have been designing a new card game that focuses on multiple win conditions. Right now I am more focused on making it a deck construction game (basically a “cube”) and it is not currently made to have a shared deck. However, I hope it will work well if you have a random deck of 40 cards.

front and back2 myths and magic

The card back was designed by Krystyna Nowek. The card frames were designed by Teresa Guido.

logo myths and magic gold outline darker sm 2

Myths & Magic is a fantasy card game with enough cards to make several decks of cards. Whenever you have zero cards in your draw pile, you lose the game.

Cards represent characters, realms, relics, spells, and events. Each card has a unique ability.

There are three alternate win conditions: Red focuses on winning by controlling enough characters, Blue focuses on winning by destroying all the opponents’ characters, and green focuses on winning by getting zero cards in hand.

There are four colors of cards, each representing a different faction or part of the world: red (the divine and civilization), purple (the supernatural and intellect), blue (the demonic and ambition), and green (nature and the wilderness).

You can play the game in several different ways: One, “off the top” by shuffling several cards together and giving each player 40 random cards. Two, have each player choose a color or two and make their own deck of 40 cards by using cards of those colors. Three, randomly distribute 75 cards to each player, and they can use those cards to make a 30 card deck. Four, randomly distribute 45 cards to each player, and each player drafts their unique card pool to use to make a 30 card deck.

  • 2-8 players
  • 30 min
  • Ages 13+

V. B 0.15 © 2021 James Gray

card template sm

Current Progress

The game is currently at the point that it looks like it could be ready for publication, but it is actually untested and it hasn’t been sufficiently edited.

Additionally, there are two very different versions of the game. The version I am focusing on for this post is Version B, which is more simple compared to the original version. I consider this to be Version B, 0.15. The original version is currently Version A, 0.10. I currently feel better about Version B, but I hope to play test them both eventually to see how they both feel.

The game is currently based mainly on King Arthur and other English literature, but the game is made to be able to have several different sets with different themes and new card abilities.

myths and magic 2 sm

Game Rules

Page_00001 smPage_00002 sm

More Images

myths and magic 4 sm.pgmyths and magic 3 sm


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