Battle of Wits: Atlantis

BoW_logo small atlantis

I’m working on an overpowered combat-oriented fantasy card game that I’m currently calling “Battle of Wits: Atlantis.” The rough draft looks complete, but playtesting will be needed. It has a Greek mythology theme and over 260 unique cards.

front and back2 olympus

The card back was designed by Teresa Guido, and you can find more of her art here.

card template sm

battle of wits cards

card colors and types

You can download the main rules as a PDF here.

You can download additional rules here.

00 main rules00 turn order00 card type rules00 abilities rules

4 thoughts on “Battle of Wits: Atlantis

    • I finished a rough draft that I consider to be Version 0.1. There’s no playtesting yet. I am having a prototype of the game made, and I have been waiting for the printer to finish that up. I am excited to see the first draft.

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