If Monopoly Had Corporate Welfare & Crony Capitalism

chance hostile takoverWhy can’t you buy off politicians or get a bail out from the Federal Reserve when playing Monopoly? Monopoly can be more realistic. It doesn’t show all the unfair advantages the rich really get. These cards represent what it is missing. (Monopoly is trademarked by Hasbro. These cards are meant to be educational & a parody.)

You can download a PDF “print and play” file of these cards here.

community socialized medicine community social security community sec community price gouging community pr campaign community plausible deniability community open a bank fractional reserve community non recourse loan community mega merger community lobby the government tax loopholes community insider trading community fraud community federal bail out community externalities community entertain your auditors community employees unionize chance too big to prosecute chance tax loopholes chance tax haven chance public transportation chance predatory pricing chance oligopoly collusion chance mafia chance local government economic development subsidies chance limited liability chance kid chance jail chance hostile takover chance hire thugs chance free land chance communist revolution chance eminant domain

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