Spellslinger: A Free Combat-Oriented Card Game (Updated 3/23/14)

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gnome druidI  developed a combat-oriented fantasy card game based on what I believe collectable card games could have been like if they were made in 1893 — a hundred years before Magic: the Gathering was made. The idea of the game is that you are a wizard that duals against other wizards. You both cast various spells, and raise an army of characters to attack the opponent.

The rules and all the card images are available in PDF files below. I advise people to print out three of each common, two of each uncommon, and one of each rare to make a “cube” — a pile of cards that can be used for drafting the cards.

Rulebook (Updated 11/28/13)

Rules Cards

card layout enchantment2

turning sideways cost symbols

The cards





8 thoughts on “Spellslinger: A Free Combat-Oriented Card Game (Updated 3/23/14)

  1. Hello, i just found out about your games and i must say i love them. With that in mind i am deeply sorry to announce that the files 12, 13 and 14 of this game (Spellslinger) are missing (404). Would you be so kind to re-upload them so we would appreciate your game at it’s maximum?

    Also, i don’t know if you find appealing to have so many files in your pages but wouldn’t be more convenient to have a “compressed zip” with all the files as an alternative option?

    Thank you for your attention and keep up the good work. You truly are amazing at making card games.

      • I was wondering… why haven’t you put the Black color as a playable option in the game?

        I came up with this:
        Nº 1 – The church at the time would look with bad eyes at it, making sells more difficult if not completely banning the game. With that in mind, the developer thought he didn’t want to lose money with the investment and just tore it off the game.
        Nº 2 – None of the conspiracy above. Instead, the game was created with the 4 main elements in mind, translating to White being Wind, Blue being Water, Red being Fire and Green being Earth.
        Nº 3 – Both, who knows.

        Of course, i created this “theories” before actually reading about the “color themes” (Part VII: Color themes) in the Spellslinger manual.

        Even so, would you mind clearing my mind up? 🙂
        See ya.

      • The first fantasy card game I developed for the site used a regular deck of cards, and the third used a Tarot deck. There’s only four suits in those decks. The games are imagined to be developed in the past, so they are meant to be based on a certain historical path. I decided that Red would basically include the idea of black (as it is found in Magic the Gathering). Also, I wanted the cards to be colorful and I’m not sure how the template I developed would look for black.

  2. Hello there, it’s me, that annoying guy… again…
    …So, i found some minor errors on some of the cards and i will list them below:

    * Rainforest (File 19) – Says “Forest” when it should say “Woods”;
    * Ark of the Covenant (File 23) – Says “sidways” instead of “sideways”;
    * Palace (File 27) – Says “Untapped” instead of “Right-side-up” or… something else;
    * Tree of Life (File 29) – Tree of Life doesn’t have a Rarity text at the low-right corner.

    See ya!

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