Baby Steps: My Newest Magic Set

HullabalooI created a small Magic set that can be used to learn or teach the rules for Magic: the Gathering. There are three difficulty levels used, so that players can learn the game using consecutively more complex rules and cards. The easiest difficulty level is much easier than Magic would be otherwise. The cards and rules are available online, and I have also written about what it was like for me to design the set — why I made the set one way rather than another.

This Magic set was made to be fun for everyone, so it can be used to learn the game, teach the game, or as a cube (random set of cards for draft) for more advanced players.

You can find the cards and rules at these locations:

  1. Baby Steps: The Beginner Level
  2. Baby Steps 2: The Intermediate Level
  3. Baby Steps 3: The Advanced Level

Information about the set from the design perspective can be found here:

  1. Teach Kids Magic Using Baby Steps
  2. Baby Steps II (A Fan Set)
  3. Baby Steps III (A Fan Set)
  4. Baby Steps Updates

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