Baby Steps Updates

Mountain FortressAfter some playtesting my newest Magic set (Baby Steps), I think I figured out how to make some improvements. The webpages for the beginner level and the intermediate level of Baby Steps have already been updated. I explain the changes that I made below:

Beginner Level Changes

The following cards were removed from the beginner level:

Light White Bear Iguanadon Young Roc Bengal Tiger Triceratops

They were replaced with the following:

Divine Strike

Light was replaced with Divine Strike. It became clear after playtesting that white needed removal and had none (at the beginner level). There were four main options for white removal:

  1. Destroy target tapped creature.
  2. Destroy target creature, and that creature’s controller gains life.
  3. Destroy target creature with 4 or more power.

The third option would be worthless against blue, so I decided not to do it. Either of the other two options would be acceptable.

Winged Sphinx

Winged Sphinx replaced Young Roc. Playtesting showed the need for each color to have three different cards that cost three or more mana each. Blue was also lacking in aggressive creatures, and I think WInged Sphinx can fill that role appropriately. Also, Young Roc is almost the same as another slightly different creature used in the intermediate difficulty level.

Forest Troll

Forest Troll replaced Bengal Tiger because it needed another three cost card. Also Bengal Tiger is just worse than African Elephant anyway.

Stone Throwing Giant

Stone Throwing Giant is the new three cost card for white, and it replaced White Bear.


Iguanadon replaced Triceratops. I decided that Triceratops wasn’t strong enough for what it should be. Iguanadon and Triceratops were actually identical. It was just a change made for flavor reasons.


Smilodon is the new three cost card for red and it replaced the old Iguanadon, which was too weak for a dinosaur and a bit defensive for a red card.

Intermediate Level Changes

The following intermediate level cards were taken out:

African Lion Sleep Curse Passionate Satyr Elephant Companion Fury Elven Ritual

They were replaced with the following:

Sylvan Hunter

Sylvan Hunter is a replacement for Passionate Satyr. I decided that green needed more reach and this was an easy option.


Tempest is a replacement for Elven Ritual. I decided that green needed at least one creature removal card in the intermediate level cards, and this was the only place that I think it would appropriately fit. I also wanted to make sure green would have mana acceleration (Vantage Point) and an enchantment (Elven Palace). The other cards need to be creatures.

African Lion2

African Lion was too strong with first strike, so I decided it could have vigilance instead. The other option would be to give it lifelink, which would be much too powerful. The one drop for green used to have vigilance (Passionate Satyr), but I changed it to reach (Sylvan Hunter).

Mountain Fortress

Mountain Fortress replaced Fury, which was much too weak. I wanted every color to have an enchantment, and Mountain Fortress can also help break up a stalled board state, which came up quite often when using the intermediate cards.

Elven Palace

Elven Palace exists for pretty much the same reason as Mountain Fortress — green needed an enchantment, but Elephant Companion seemed to be too weak. And the bonus power and toughness can help green break through when the game stalls out.

Sleep Curse3

Sleep curse is the same card that it was before, but it’s now slightly better. The old version could only target tapped creatures. I decided that blue could use slightly better creature removal.



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