Baby Steps 2: The Intermediate Level (Update 11/4/13)

DimetrodonDisclaimer: Magic: The Gathering is TM & © 1993-2013 Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. Baby Steps is not affiliated with or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast. It exists for personal use only, and is not for profit. Baby Steps is not an official Magic set.

All of the images used for the cards should be in the public domain, but the card templates and mana symbols are TM & © 1993-2013 Wizards of the Coast.

Note: This is Part 2 of a series. Go here to see part 1.


These are the rules and cards used for the intermediate level of Baby Steps, which is the second level of difficulty. The beginner level rules for Baby Steps must be understood before the rules provided in this file can be understood. You are meant to start with the beginning level.

The beginner level requires a player to know all the basic rules in addition to rules about flying. Unlike the beginner level, the intermediate level includes rules for the following:

  1. Generic mana
  2. Enchantments
  3. Auras
  4. Nonbasic lands
  5. The following keywords: first strike, lifelink, haste, reach, and vigilance

This time I advise you to print two copies of each intermediate level card, and to use these cards to make two color decks. See the rulebook for more information and more options.

The cards

Here are links to PDF files that contain the cards. The cards images can be cut out and pasted onto real Magic cards:

  1. Cards 1-9
  2. Cards 10-18
  3. Cards 19-27
  4. Cards 28-36
  5. Cards 37-45
  6. Cards 46-50

Simplified Rulebook (Updated 11/4/13)

I wrote this rulebook that can be used with the intermediate version of Baby Steps, which is only five pages (much less than the hundreds of pages that real Magic uses).


(Updated 11/4/13)


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