Spell Battle: A Free Combat-Oriented Fantasy Card Game

spell battle logo

Spell Battle is a free customizable card game using medieval art (based on Tarot Combat but also similar to Magic: the Gathering in many ways). There are 120 different cards, and a collection of three of each card is enough for a group of eight people to create eight unique decks.

Spell Battle is a combat-oriented card game where players can each make a unique deck. Players can then use their deck to take turns playing spell and character cards, and attacking with their characters.

Spell Battle is my attempt to have a customizable combat-oriented card game that could have existed in the middle ages. What if people originally played combat-oriented card games using playing cards or tarot cards? The next step could be to have unique cards used to make customizable decks. Games like this could have eventually led to the development of Magic: the Gathering hundreds of years later.

I started making Spell Battle in March 2013 (almost five months ago), but it is quite similar to Tarot Combat, which I made not long before that. It has been playtested quite a bit.


There are two types of cards: Character cards and spell cards.

saint margaret

Character cards are used to attack or block. They all have three numbers (cost, strength, and speed). Cost is how much you have to pay to play the card, strength is how much damage it deals and must be dealt to be destroyed, and speed tells you what order the characters deal damage. Some characters also have other abilities, which are printed on the cards.

seat of power

Spell cards tell you what they do on them, and many of them have a cost. Those ones say “pay x to…” Most spell cards are discarded after they take effect, but some of them stay in play and have a continuous effect on the game.

Comprehensive Rules

The comprehensive rules can be downloaded here as a PDF file. It includes rules for making your own deck, how to have various events, ways to play as teams, and how this can be used for tournaments.

Rules Cards

Here are four rules cards that can be used as a quick reference:

0 rules1

0rules20 rules3 0 rules4

Card downloads

The cards are available in PDF files, and you can print them using these files:



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