Tarot Combat II Cards in High Resolution

052Tarot Combat is a battle-oriented game using a tarot deck. Go here for more information.

Playing the original Tarot Combat game requires players to know what each card does, which can be difficult for new players. That’s why I have created cards specifically to be used for Tarot Combat, which is a new version I call “Tarot Combat II.” Each card says what it does on it. The soldier cards each has a score used for the cost, strength, and speed; and each trump card has a unique effect on the game. All of the cards are all available here for free. These cards are basically a tarot deck, but all the cards say what they do on them for the Tarot Combat game.


Each soldier card was originally every non-trump card in the tarot deck, such as the Ace, Two, Three, etc. This time each soldier card features a different character. Soldier cards are put into play in front of you. Here’s an example of a soldier card:

champion tarot combat card

The trump cards are all the cards that originally featured colorful art, such as Death and the World. They have a temporary effect on the game and are put into the discard pile after they are played. Here’s an example of a trump card:

the lovers tarot combat card

Note that each Trump card costs two to play. That’s why Lovers says “Pay 2 to give two soldiers two additional strength each until end of turn.” The font is not perfect and it looks a little like it says “Day 2.”

Rule Cards

There are three rule cards that you can use to play Tarot Combat II. The rules are a bit simplified because you are not expected to memorize what every card in the entire deck does. Here they are:

tarot combat II rule card 1 tarot combat II rule card 2 tarot combat II rule card 3


You can download high resolution images for all the Tarot Combat cards here for free. They are all available in PDF files. Tarot Combat and these Tarot Combat cards are © 2013 by James Gray, but the images used are in the public domain in the USA. Many are from medieval manuscripts.

To download a PDF file, you can click on one of these images or right click/save link as.




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