What’s the Purpose of Fantasy Cards?

Playing cards were invented in China in the 800’s, and by the time they reached Eurworld tarot card Visconti-Sforzaope (in the 1300’s) they were pretty much the same as the 52-card deck of playing cards we use now.

Fantasy cards are cards that feature spells and imaginary creatures, such as dragons. The main purpose of these cards is generally game-oriented. The first fantasy cards were from the “Tarot deck,” which was originally used to play games in the 1400’s, but was eventually used to tell fortunes, which is why I will consider them to be “fantasy cards.” The Tarot deck is pretty much the same thing as a deck of regular playing cards with twenty two “trump” cards thrown in, each with a colorful illustration.

Fantasy cards were later used for Dungeons & Dragons in the 1980’s, and now a popular type of fantasy card is used for combat-oriented collectible card games, such as Magic: the Gathering (released in 1993).

I have invented various combat-oriented card games that will be presented on this website. I decided to speculate that there was a rich history of combat-oriented card games starting in the medieval times that slowly evolved into the combat-oriented card games we use today. demonic tutor mtgThe first two use a regular deck of playing cards, and the third will use a tarot deck. Eventually I will release one that has a unique collection of cards rather than a specific deck. These games have certain elements found in Magic: the Gathering, such as the use of characters that can attack or block.

However, this website is not limited to those games. I could post any fantasy cards that I want on this website, and I have a lot of ideas. The cards will often use images, and I will limit myself to using images from the public domain or with a creative commons license (unless I am given permission). If you want to donate images you have created, then you can let me know.



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