If Monopoly Had Corporate Welfare & Crony Capitalism

chance hostile takoverWhy can’t you buy off politicians or get a bail out from the Federal Reserve when playing Monopoly? Monopoly can be more realistic. It doesn’t show all the unfair advantages the rich really get. These cards represent what it is missing. (Monopoly is trademarked by Hasbro. These cards are meant to be educational & a parody.)

You can download a PDF “print and play” file of these cards here. Continue reading

Crazier Eights: Alternate Edition Print & Play

new look second edition assetsI made a fantasy card game loosely based on Crazy Eights (the game Uno is based on) called Crazier Eights. Every card can be played for an effect. It is now up for sale. Go here if you would like to buy a copy. I also put up a print & play version of the Alternate Edition prototype, which can be found here.

I also made two spoilers, which shows all the cards used in two different versions of Crazier Eights:

Crazier Eights is on Kickstarter

crazier1I am trying to publish my own game for the first time. One of the best ways to try to publish a game is to use Kickstarter, which lets people pledge money for having the game made (including manufacturing costs). With enough money, people who make a pledge can get a copy of the game, and the game will be manufactured.

Crazier Eights is a fantasy card game that is similar to Crazier Eights (the game Uno is based on). You take turns drawing a card, playing a card for an effect, and discarding a card that has the same color or rank as the top card of the discard pile.

That means that this is your chance to get a game I made. You can go here to see the Crazier Eights Kickstarter page. You can also find a lot of information about Crazier Eights at CrazierEights.com

crazier banner2




Recoculous Tokens & Fine Art Cards

angelI created some cards that can be used for tokens or proxies with Magic: the Gathering, and I had them professionally made. I created a website for them called “Recoculous Tokens.”

I made cards that can be used for tokens that are commonly used or that have never been officially released. I also made fine art cards of various locations, like Taiga, Bazaar of Baghdad, and Library of Alexandria.

Spellslinger: A Free Combat-Oriented Card Game (Updated 3/23/14)

coollogo_com-445304c© James W. Gray 2013

gnome druidI  developed a combat-oriented fantasy card game based on what I believe collectable card games could have been like if they were made in 1893 — a hundred years before Magic: the Gathering was made. The idea of the game is that you are a wizard that duals against other wizards. You both cast various spells, and raise an army of characters to attack the opponent.

The rules and all the card images are available in PDF files below. I advise people to print out three of each common, two of each uncommon, and one of each rare to make a “cube” — a pile of cards that can be used for drafting the cards. Continue reading

Baby Steps: My Newest Magic Set

HullabalooI created a small Magic set that can be used to learn or teach the rules for Magic: the Gathering. There are three difficulty levels used, so that players can learn the game using consecutively more complex rules and cards. The easiest difficulty level is much easier than Magic would be otherwise. The cards and rules are available online, and I have also written about what it was like for me to design the set — why I made the set one way rather than another.

This Magic set was made to be fun for everyone, so it can be used to learn the game, teach the game, or as a cube (random set of cards for draft) for more advanced players.

You can find the cards and rules at these locations:

  1. Baby Steps: The Beginner Level
  2. Baby Steps 2: The Intermediate Level
  3. Baby Steps 3: The Advanced Level

Information about the set from the design perspective can be found here:

  1. Teach Kids Magic Using Baby Steps
  2. Baby Steps II (A Fan Set)
  3. Baby Steps III (A Fan Set)
  4. Baby Steps Updates